Down the road - there's nothing I enjoy more than cresting the brow of a hill, exiting a long sweeping bend, or simply recognizing that special moment when a road reveals its full wonder, and there's something special about capturing these scenes in black and white. Together with its colour cousin, this collection comes as close as any to summing up why we road trip.

A collection of galleries drawn from some of my personal favourite photos over the last 15 or so years, including ghost towns, motels, evocative signage, endless road views, Route 66, rusting cars, National Parks, black and white studies, abandoned places and more.

I started off using a 35 mm film Leica SLR, progressed to a combination of this (primarily for B/W work) and DSLR Canons, and in 2020 invested in a Canon R6, the latest mirrorless technology. Sadly, the necessary restrictions caused by Covid mean I’ve yet to put this new camera through its paces in a road trip environment but let’s hope we are all able to resume normal service at some point in the not too distant future.