The information below is there to make ordering from Photo America as easy and hassle-free as possible. But if there’s just one thing you take away, please let it be that I’m here to help. If you have a question, use the contact form to send me a message and – timezones permitting – I’ll get straight back to you.

Print sizes and formats

Images are available ‘off the shelf’ in a range of standard print sizes, from 10 x 7” up to 45 x 30” premium photo paper poster prints. If you need a print size or format that sits outside these standard ranges, just contact me and I’ll be delighted to let you have a price. I can also quote for printing on canvas and suchlike – all the usual materials.


This sounds very formal but do please note: all prints are sold for display purposes only. Ownership of a print does not constitute ownership of copyright or any usage rights beyond display purposes. This means you are not allowed to copy, reproduce, resell or distribute these images in any form (it’s theft, pure and simple). Full copyright of all images remains with me, Peter Thody, at all times. That’s it – back to helpful mode.

Royalty free / licensing

All images shown on this site are available for royalty free and licensed use. Please contact me directly for rates.

Post & packaging

I’ve kept p&p costs as simple as possible, with just two bands covering all print sizes and quantities. Basic p&p cost covers print sizes up to 12 x 8”; you can buy as many prints up to this size and the postal costs will be the same. Prints up to this size are sent flat in strong card envelopes

The second band covers larger prints sizes and these are sent in large diameter postal tubes. Again, if your order is for multiple prints, there is no extra postage charge. If your order includes prints from both size bands, your order will be despatched in a postal tube and charged at that rate.


I hope you are delighted with your Photo America print(s) but if, for any reason, you’re not satisfied, I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. All I ask is that you return the print within 7 days of receipt, in its original packaging, by an insured, trackable service. I will then credit your PayPal account in full, including initial p&p charges, but not the cost of returning the goods.

Secure payment

I accept payment by PayPal, one of the most secure ways of buying online. All transactions are completed outside Photo America; I have no access to your PayPal account. PayPal uses cutting-edge data encryption, fraud detection tools and all kinds of other advanced techniques to improve security and provide the peace of mind that enables millions of people to buy goods online.


I will never share your details with anyone else.

Currencies – a note about charges

You’ve probably noticed that, although I’m a UK-based photographer, all prices are shown in US dollars; that’s for the simple reason that most Photo America customers are, unsurprisingly, from the States.

You may also have seen that there’s a currency converter that shows prices in Euros and Sterling; these are provided for guidance only. When you complete payment through PayPal, the price will be in US dollars. If you have a Sterling or Euro account, the actual price will depend on the prevailing exchange rate at the moment the order is processed.