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Back in Time: the Delmarva Peninsula

“Hey! Welcome to the New Castle court house, and to the 18th century. Today we’re trying a case of failure to control a horse in a public place. You, sir, how old are you? Seven? […]

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Appalachians to New Jersey

What do apples, black bears and rhododendrons have in common? They are, respectively, West Virginia’s state fruit, state animal and state flower. There are state dogs, state insects, state dances and even state soils. Strangely, […]

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Buckeye State on the National Road

Heading east on any U.S. highway feels wrong somehow, but nowhere more so than on what, since 2002, has been designated “The Historic National Road.” Modern America was built from east to west, and this […]

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James Dean’s Grave, Fairmount, Indiana

For my wife, no adventure is complete without a visit to the final resting place of some dead celebrity or other. Over the years, and I’m really not complaining here, this has taken us to […]

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From Bible Belt to Bourbon

Politicians speak of the “special relationship” between the U.S. and Britain; our soldiers fight side by side, we speak pretty much the same language, and these days we probably even share the belief that the […]

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Graves & Guns on the Natchez Trace

My earliest memories of childhood holidays are of sitting in the back of our family’s Ford Cortina, driving through France, and being suitably impressed whenever my dad knowledgably pointed out: “See how straight this road […]

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Coca-Cola and Elvis Presley

Atlanta began life as an Indian village known as Standing Peachtree. It was the scene of a number of important Civil War battles before being razed in 1864 by General William Tecumseh Sherman. It has […]

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