Yellowstone Roadtrip

“We take maybe an hour to cover those few miles, immersing ourselves in Yellowstone’s winter bleakness. The low skies sap all colour out of the landscape; were it not for the sepia tones of the sparse steppe shrubbery it would be like traveling through our own private black and white movie. It’s the kind of drive I could do all day, wonderfully monotonous in the literal sense, and almost... »

Roadside attractions in North Dakota

“Do you reckon that’s it?” “Well, yes, I reckon it must be.” In front of us stands a TV mast, the KVLY-TV Tower, just south-east of Blanchard, Traill County, North Dakota. Our slightly out-of-date road atlas tells us that, at 2,063 ft, this is the World’s Tallest Structure, as indeed it was until the completion of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. But viewed from the side of the road, a coupl... »

Deer, beer and sex – a journey across the Midwest

Two hundred and sixty miles on Interstates 90 and 94 may have broken the back of the drive from downtown Chicago to Eau Claire, Wis., but they’ve been bland, empty miles, the motoring equivalent of visiting these parts and choosing Big Macs over beer-simmered bratwurst . A sign for U.S. Route 12 beckons us into the heart of rural Wisconsin. It’s time to start this year’s road trip for real. ... »