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Peter ThodyHi, my name is Peter Thody and the images collected on this site are the result of a series of road trips taken from 2005 to the present.

The first, a drive from Chicago to Seattle via South Dakota, opened my eyes to the breathtaking beauty and incredible diversity of landscapes that can be found in every corner of this country.

This same trip moved me to put my thoughts and experiences down on paper and, since then, I have been a regular contributor of “evocative prose and extraordinary photographs” to RoadTrip America, the world’s #1 online resource for those planning their own road trips.

My photographs have also featured in nature journals, travel guides and fine art magazines, on album covers, and online galleries including the Smithsonian and the BBC. Ah yes, the BBC. There’s a significance to that mention: I’m British. Born here. Live here.

My words about and photographs of America are therefore those of an outsider, an annual visitor for whom it’s the little things – the everyday sights and signs that someone living locally might not give a second glance – that encapsulate spirit of America.

From the motel sign that tempts guests with the offer of ‘Color TV’, to the slowly dulling chrome fender of a rusting Buick Roadmaster; from the farm truck kicking up a train of dust on a distant dirt road, to the turkey vultures circling high over tasty road kill on a New Mexico highway; for me these sights are as representative of the USA as the breath of a buffalo on a cold morning in Yellowstone or the indescribable vastness of the Grand Canyon.

Every image on this web site has its own story, and I’ve tried to provide a little background to each. I’ve also included a couple of longer pieces in the blog area, one on a drive through Wisconsin/Minnesota, the other – inspired by an article from National Geographic – across the ‘Emptied Prairie’ of North Dakota. Both pieces provide a flavour of my feelings for America; if you enjoy them, there are many more ‘Thody’s American Adventures’ on RoadTrip America.

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Thank you for visiting,

Peter Thody

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